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Cristina Marbella Spain

Testimonial / August 24, 2014

What a fantastic week”
What a fantastic week….absolutely the best! I had the privileged to spend one week in August at Algarve Luxury bootcamp under Marco’s professional and knowledgable guidance.
Marco started up the bootcamp doing a full evaluation of the status of my body such as its strength, flexibility, speed, blood pressure, bodyfat etc etc
Then the activities began….we started early with a healthy drink and didn’t finished before after dinner around 21.00. The days were full of different activities, never the same, we always started with streching and warmup than bootcamp activities on the grounds or on the beach, running, up and down those really long stairs with weigths on my shoulders, the boxing was fun but my legs did hurt after all those squads and my bones where aching after jumping the rope on the asphalt but Marco told me that was good for the density of my bones (I am a +55)…we had a break for lunch and 2 snacks and some rest inbetween the meals…this was a full time job and dedication from both me and Marco:-)
I also enjoyed my stay at the hotel, Epic Sana Hotel in Albufeira, with its very professional and friendly staff, the excellent food that was specially composed by Joana, nutritionist, to ensure that I got a healthy balanced diet that also gave me enough energy. The hotel was a perfect place to have the bootcamp as the grounds where extensive and located by the beach.
Marco finished the week doing a new evluation of the status of my body, the mucles mass had increased, the flexibilty was better, my waist was smaller, the blood pressure had gone down and my heart-rate recovered quicker…now I never run without my pulsbelt.
I came home feeling great, looked better (my arms look great:-)) I was very motivated to continue with the exercises Marco taught me and also using my knew knowledge about how to stay healthy, to feel and look good which is increasing my life quality.
This was a PERFECT holiday and I will be back soon! Thank you so much Marco.