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alanorr47 ireland

Testimonial / October 16, 2012

“My fitness journey really did begin.”
At the tender age of 33, I decided to do a Fitness Boot camp. I did a lot of research and I wanted something in Europe which comprised with a high standard of food and accommodation. I then found Macro Baioa Luxury Residential Fitness Boot camp in resort of Cascade Lagos Portugal.
The resort was excellent, the food was superior and Marco Baioa was unique, extremely professional and a true gentleman. From my initial meeting with Marco, I found him very friendly and explained my next few days in boot camp clearly. The next three days with Marco were terrific; I enjoyed all the activities and gym work which he had arranged. I was then provided with a detailed work book with my accurate weight, bmi and my heart rates zones.
I would recommend this boot camp and especially Marco Baioa to anyone and everyone who wants a holiday with a difference. He is extremely knowable and professional. Marco Baioa Fitness Boot camp gets my full blessing and approval. It really is amazing. Thank you Marco.