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BootCamp FAQ’S

Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some answers to common questions. If your question is not answered below, please contact us.

It is possible to arrange a non-residential Boot Camp. At the moment, all of our boot camps are residential so that attendees are together for the whole experience.


Yes. We can arrange a Boot Camp for women only. This kind of Boot Camp is subject to pre-reservation with a minimum number of 5 participants.


Absolutely! Algarve Luxury Boot Camp offers couples, small group and large group Boot Camps.


First of all, Happy Birthday! The Boot Camp would be perfect for you. Each participant has a fitness assessment and an initial medical check on arrival so that we know exactly how we can structure the Boot Camp to meet their needs. People of all age groups have attended the Boot Camps.


Absolutely! You are very welcome to join our Boot Camp. People of all shapes and sizes and with all different levels of experience in the gym attend our Boot Camps. We are delighted to help you get started on your journey towards health and fitness.


Yes. The Boot Camp is designed for all fitness levels.


All participants’ details are kept confidential.


We ask that your mobile phone is switched off during Boot Camp activities. However, an arrangement can be made for your mobile to be monitored if there is an emergency situation.


Yes. The structure of the Boot Camp is such that when you return home you know that you have gained the maximum benefit from your investment. Believe it or not, you will want to attend every day!

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