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I am a fitness trainer myself and I made this camp to learn for myself and my job. and I definitely have. Marco took me far beyond my borders, the boot camp was very hard but I learned so much and it was a great experience.
From a professional point of view, I can only say: Marco is really a great personal trainer and you realize that he has years of experience. I would go back to him anytime!

August 21, 2018

Brook, Vancouver

It was an incredible experience it delivered more than I expected.
My physical +mental health has both been jolted awake. I think you have the perfect skill set to help others with their holistic health and wellness goals
Mind and body are nourished at your BOOTCAMP
Warm regards and many, many, thanks

October 12, 2017

Irina Germany,

Dear Marco and Marina , to say Thank you would be not enough to share how I feel.
You organized, controlled and very well managed a journey to true me.
Marco, you professionally pushed me out of my any possible stretched zone and managed to hold and carefully bring to new me- thank you!
Marina your care, great sense of humor and the food were special gift- helped to go through the pain)))
All meals were delicious, beautiful and made with love all 5 times per day. I never eat so much in my life. Thank you!
Dear friends,
if you ready to discover your true potential and can face real you ,
if you ready to find that You are absolutely unstoppable , can reach great heights and enjoy them a lot
If you want to feel absolutely free and feel the power to make difference in life –
MARCO BOOT CAMP is the place to come!
From deep of my heart – Thank you!

September 6, 2017

Francesco, UK

Algarve Luxury BootCamp: life changing, mind opening, body strengthening, in a very comfortable structure located on a lovely coast of a wonderful Country with permanent summertime. And most important, all managed by an extremely professional and complete Trainer. Cannot believe I did it! Thanks Marco, count me in again!

June 23, 2016

Kristin, UK

‘The Marco Experience’ empowers you to change your thoughts and continue your journey with the courage to change your world.
Marco Baioa, teacher, visionary, mentor, coach – THANK YOU!

May 21, 2016

Emiliano, Maini

It was a great week, the BootCamp (one to one) was good, good training and good accommodation. . I think the BootCamp is good also for your attitude during your normal teach you that you don’t have to give up never! I will do it again next year.

October 2, 2015

Svetlana Denmark

“Life changing experience! One of the best things I have ever done for myself.
Dear Marco, my six-star coach, thank you for the great three weeks. It’s a new beginning for me. I will use the knowledge regarding fitness and food I got at the boot camp. I miss you and the training already. Believe me, I’ll be back.
Guys, Marco is THE greatest coach. Trust him and he will make sure that you achieve your goals.

September 8, 2015

Patricia, Switzerland

The most diverse journey you will ever have”
What to say about Marco’s bootcamp.

It’s been exactly two months ago that I flew to Spain to Marco’s Bootcamp. It took me long to write a review because it is not easy to tell about it in a few words.

Before I came, friends and people told me I was crazy to waste my holiday on pain and sweat.
Turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made.

The day I arrived I didn’t have a clue what would expect me, but I was ready to face anything that would come up on my way.

I was picked up at the airport and driven to the hotel complex in Andalucia. The people were nice since the beginning, and I felt very welcomed.

And there he arrived, Marco the coach. The person I will probably start to hate in the next two weeks.

You can’t describe Marco, you rather have to have him on front of you. But he will be your best friend and worst enemy at the same time.

The greeting was warm and funny, we had a good chat and then the big news came:
“You’ll probably be all alone in the camp for the next two weeks, so far I didn’t have any other requests.”

Baaaaaam, in ya face. I surely didn’t expect that. So it turned out I would be all alone with Marco, personal training without wanting it.

I cried a lot. I sweated even more. But I never gave up. And Marco was the main reason I went through it with great results, and even a better mind set in the end.

It wasn’t easy for Marco either, I wasn’t an easy client either. When it came to completing exercises, it wasn’t a problem. The mental training part was probably pain for him. 

I was very stubborn, and convinced of my ideas and beliefs. But he still stayed, so he deserves a lot of respect for that.

The exercises were challenging, even very much challenging, but diverse which was very helpful. We did everything from weightlifting to swimming and mountain biking. I hated the jogging though…but somehow I started to like it in the end

He surely made me burn my fat, and sometimes my mental patience. But I did it. And I am so proud of it.

And what about food? Well… AWESOME. Don’t expect hospital food or just three green beans for dinner. NO, expect the best freakin’ food you will ever have.

We had a personal chef who cooked just for us, and I can tell you: people were jealous of our food. 
You will not miss food or crave for unhealthy junk, because you will adore so much this nutritious and tasty food that you will forget about Nutella & Co. We had always a three course lunch and dinner, including desert. How awesome is that.

Marco and me became good friends in the end, even if in certain moments I didn’t want to talk to him. He will push you, but he is doing that only because you want it.

Since I returned home, I still feel changes and I try to adapt them in my daily life.

The biggest thing I learned was Marco’s phrase: You are afraid of what you want the most.

And he was right. He still is right, and I am still fighting to get there where I want.

A boot camp is not fun or a fashion thing to do, or a fat loss camp. It’s a fight, a constant fight with yourself. You will go through emotions you never had before. You will cry, trust me. You will sleep a lot, and certainly be tired as hell.

But if you are willing to go through all this, it will be the best thing that ever happened to you. And Marco…you will be just happy that it was him taking you through this journey, and not somebody else.

August 5, 2015

Sophia H Copenhagen, Denmark

“Best and hardest bootcamp!”
Together with my boyfriend to participate in Marco’s luxury bootcamp in june this year.
Besides amazing sorroundings in the lovely hotel AMA, Marco’s training was very professional and fun. I learned so many different things about my body and myself. My way of training now is completely different, and he even cured my year-long ankle injuries. I hadn’t been able to run for ages, but Marco’s holistic way of working and the balance between training and therapy really showed great results. For couples going, I recommend going alone like we did.
I’d go anytime again!

June 11, 2015

Caroline Collen Algarve, Portugal

“Energise Mind, Body and Soul at the Very Best Boot Camp Ever”
I have the added pleasure of Marco Baioa being my personal trainer and so during one of our amazing one to one workouts I announced to him I would join him at his next boot camp which was between 16th May to 23rd May 2015 – I wanted to see what I could do – well it was awesome! it was highly challenging both in mind, body and spirit and myself and my great team were certainly pushed out of our comfort zone – under Marco’s professional guidance he knew what we were capable of even if we did not know at the time! I was the eldest in our team but it was an amazing time and I am proud of each and every one of you – we all worked together and helped each other out – an unforgettable week – the very best part of the Boot Camp was for me the running, and the bike ride – a very long mostly off road bike ride through fantastic Spanish countryside – cycling through many farms and they were all busy picking strawberries – fields and fields of strawberries and we could smell the wonderful aroma in the air as that also of jasmine – it was a hard bike ride but so very rewarding in every which way this was on our last day. Marco educated us on the importance of diet i.e. protein, carbs and keeping a good balance of nutrients – the AMA Hotel and staff were fabulous and the food was out of this world. Marco you have created a wonderful Oasis where future clients can come to your Bootcamp and simply concentrate on themselves to get fit and eat well and to stay happy even though the workouts were highly challenging but we all made it through and now we are Qualified Warriors which we was well deserved. Marco also has a great holistic approach to his very individual Boot Camp and I am proud to be a part of it. Looking forward to future workouts with you Marco well done you ROCK!!!!

May 26, 2015

Lucy C, UK

“Marco’s Bootcamp is a Bucket List Must Do Experience!”
Booked this last minute and was absolutely blown away by this 5 star luxury bootcamp. On arrival, I was shown to my own 2bedroom apartment at the AMA Andalucia resort. The accommodation far out-seeded my expectations and was a lovely surprise. With just a few days notice Marco and the chef created a wonderful menu for a vegetarian athlete that was both varied and all natural. Marcos bootcamp was the perfect mix of intense workout, stretching, diet plan, yoga, and spa (massage, sauna, hot tub etc) with enough downtime to recover from my stressful life. Really appreciated all the stretching and sensitivity to get me over a few old injuries both physically and mentally. Special Thank you to the AMA staff for being so friendly and taking such good care of me……and finally Thank you very much Marco for your most professional help……looking forward to next time (Bring it On!!!)

April 24, 2015

16Alexx04… Leonding, Austria

“Marcos Bootcamp muss man unbedingt gemacht haben!”
Ein Danke an Marco und seinem Team. Es war zwar eine harte Zeit aber auch die tollste Erfahrung die wir machen durften. Wir hatten in so kurzer Zeit so tolle Ergebnisse wie noch nie. Das professionelle Training mit der dazu abgestimmten Ernährung in dieser schönen Umgebung war perfekt Wir kommen wieder! Alexanda & Andrea

February 9, 2015
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